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St. Bernard Parish Land Use Plan

Making community after vacancy for St. Bernard Parish.

Find the best use for 2,000 vacant lots left in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

A land use plan that researched local environmental and spatial issues and identified ways to use vacant lots as solutions — while readying them for redevelopment and land banking.
Waggonner & Ball Architects
David Waggonner, Aron Chang and Rami Diaz, team members
Summer 2011


A land use plan developed for St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, investigating best use for the 2,000 vacant lots left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. With a transfer of ownership impending from the state Louisiana Land Trust to the St. Bernard Parish municipal government, the plan sought a systemic, affordable use that would also provide value and service to the community.

Initial research focused on existing demands within St. Bernard Parish for tree cover, infrastructure, flood mitigation, parks and diversified zoning. Our approach saw the vacant lots a means of restoring the urban structure of the parish, and identified opportunities to package and consolidate vacant lots for both future redevelopment and land banking.

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